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"We are working people who focus on the Giant Schnauzer as
a complete dog, not just a pretty face, he must have it all,
temperament, health, working ability and conformation.  We
do our best to try to stay to the correct standard of the breed.  
Many of the "show dogs" that are out there lack the capability
of performing the original purpose of the breeds they
represent. Many of the sporting dogs can not hunt, working
dogs can not work and health issues plaque all breeds. It is
our goal to help the Giant Schnauzer remain true to the
standard of the breed while not sacrificing in other areas.
In the past we have shown, trained and bred dogs used in
many of the working fields including but not limited to AKC
obedience, Championship, tracking, rescue, search, therapy,
service, schutzhund, police, agility and of course the most
important family guardian."
Most of our breeding stock are imported, or out of imported
European working and show lines. Many of the top show and
working riesenschnauzer's  of the European bloodlines you
will find here at our home of Giants!

"We hope to make a contribution to the Giant
Schnauzer as an all-around dog whose working ability
does not get lost in it's quest as a champion show dog."
Renee` Mutter

We hope you enjoy your visit with us and hope you come
back often!
GIANT Regards,
Vom Mutter Haus

Cell 931 201 2092

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Giant schnauzer Quinn Europeon riesenschnauzer Matraszepe` Quirinus son of Matraszepe` Pace Maker IPO I
All images and quotes copyrighted@Vom Mutter Haus
AKC Champion Matraszepe` Quirinus "Quinn"
Hungarian Import
Flint Vom Mutter Haus & Lyle Roetemeyer